Beveled Edge Travertine Backsplash

Beveled Edge Travertine Backsplash

When these customers came in the only thing that they knew they wanted and was a must were the beveled edge travertine on the kitchen backsplash. The rest of the tile was picked to fit within their budget while also giving the customer the design freedom they were looking for. Their house is on a ranch and they were looking to mix into the design both modern and rustic designs. The master bathroom used large format rustic tiles with a white rock accent and shower floor that ties the floors, walls, and ceiling all together. Their daughters bathroom used a porcelain tile with a high definition travertine look with a pink and blue 1×2 brick mosaic that gave their daughter the feeling she had her own personalized bathroom. The travertine for the backsplash was a special order for this project as the wife had fallen in love with that look online. We were able to track down a distributor and get the customer exactly what she wanted.

Tiles used

  • Florida Tile
  • Cinema color silverscreen, 12×12, and 1×2 deco in daughters bathroom
  • White Snowball mesh mounted pebbles, master bathroom shower floor and accent piece


  • Arte color MA 13×13 and 12×24, master bath floor, wall and ceiling tile

Design materials

  • Cappuccino travertine tumbled w/ beveled edge, kitchen backsplash

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